How we can help you

Qualified counselling

Get a handle on Helsingborg’s business community. We know it inside out and support you in your decisions.

The right contacts

Find the right contacts and networks with our help. We know who you need to talk to.

Unique testbed environments

Choose the right testbed and the right collaborations. We make sure you get started with your pilot.

Land and premises

Find the right location for your establishment. We have a comprehensive network with a large number of property companies and landlords.

Who we are

Are you establishing, expanding, innovating, investing or testing? Regardless, we have an experienced person with industry knowledge who can help you with information, contacts and advice. Get in touch today!

Alexandra Werder Hallonkvist

Head of Unit for Business Expansion

0731-56 39 05

Claes Malmberg

Senior Business Developer –

Strategic development and technology

0732-31 57 62

Jan Magnusson

Business Developer –

Logistics and e-commerce

0732-31 51 24

Malin Wallett

Business Developer –

Real estate, land and trade

0722-10 74 82

Anette Lindstrup

Business Developer –

Destination and hospitality development

0732-31 57 99

Wilma Johansson

Industry Developer –

Talent Attraction

0730-67 61 67

Emma Frank Landgren 

Strategic Developer –

Competency Coordinator

0708-64 59 79

Christian Larsson

Business Developer –

Land and manufacturing

0739-36 01 44

Evelina Johansson

Sales and marketing coordinator –

Destination and hospitality development

0738-40 66 21

Åsa Bjering

Innovation and Green Transition Programme Manager

0730-84 69 22

Zeynep Erdal

Executive Leader Helsingborg Innovation District

0707-49 88 71

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