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Welcome to Helsingborg – the number 1 e-commerce city in Southern Sweden

Helsingborg is ranked as the best e-commerce city in southern Sweden. Among Sweden’s 40 largest municipalities, Helsingborg has most e-retailers per capita and ranks as the leading e-commerce town in southern Sweden. According to a report the e-commerce magazine produce annually. Read the report here and an article in 8till5 here.

Helsingborg’s location is perfect and the combination of strong industries such as retail and logistics with the commitment of the city makes Helsingborg a unique place to operate a global e-commerce business from.

– Jan Höjman, CEO Tailorstore

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→ What makes Helsingborg a digital commerce hub (2016)

The Facts

Strong competence
Helsingborg is home for many strong leading companies and experts within digital commerce, such as IKEA, Puma, Yves Rocher, Trademax, Avensia, Litium, Skånska Byggvaror, Tailorstore, Gents,, Contentor etc.

Digital communities
– Swedens’ first e-commerce incubator, The E-commerce Park of Sweden
– Swedens’ first lean digital accelerator, THINK Accelerate
– One of the world’s best co-working spaces, Mindpark
– Professional network – “D-handels nätverket”
– Oceanhamnen – Helsingborg Waterfront Business District

Excellent infrastructure and top logistic location
Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden, is one of those. It is both a good place for land transport, being at the intersection of the E4 and E6/E20 highways, it has excellent railroad connection and also very good sea-routes, with the Port of Helsingborg being one of the major container harbours in the Nordics.

Unique education and research
Approximately 9000 students in total enrolled at HEI (Higher Education Institutions) in Greater Copenhagen  within IT / Software Development / Computer Science.

• Lund University Campus Helsingborg appx. 380 BA
• Lund University 1000 MA

Helsingborg has a Center of Excellence in retail research and high profile logistic research at Campus Helsingborg Lund University.

There is also a number of local Higher Vocational Education (HVE) with relevant education in the IT-field. Examples of current 1 and 2 year programmes on offer:

• Mobile Commerce – Helsingborg Higher Vocational School (first and only education in this field in Sweden)
•  Commercial Drone Pilot – Helsingborg Higher Vocational School (first and only education in this field in Sweden)
•  Microsoft .NET Developer – EC Education
•  Web .NET Developer – EC Education
•  Office 365/ Microsoft Azure-specialist – EC Education

An excellent combined set of skills in relation to digital commerce and logistics

Helsingborg has a long and still-thriving tradition of logistics and commerce, so it is an ideal place to create the best possible location for your company with world-class competence, education, research and networks. Helsingborg has become a center for digital commerce in the last years. The city has one of the highest density of e-commerce companies per capita and is home to some of the largest digital commerce companies in Scandinavia and Europe.  This ensures that competence on the supplier’s side is high, and gives easy access to both marketing, tech, legal and administration  tasks with good knowledge of the Swedish or Nordic e-commerce sector.

Some of the partners supporting the companies in Think Accelerate and E-commerce Park of Sweden.

Helsingborg’s unique location with its proximity to Denmark and continental Europe has led to the region becoming a hub for transport and logistics. Sweden’s second largest containerport is located here. Helsingborg provides support and actively works with platforms for growth and digitalization. Some examples are Think Accelerate, Sweden’s first
digital accelerator and also Sweden’s first and only e-commerce incubator, the E-commerce Park of Sweden.

The proximity to Denmark also makes the location a good choice, as well as good connection to the rest of Scandinavia. This means that the three biggest e-commerce markets in the Nordics are within reach. For any e-commerce store targeting Sweden and the Nordics, a good location is a must. Given the large size of the country, there are only a few places that really excel. Helsingborg is one of the top locations!