Helsingborg Central Business District

A new business district is growing in Helsingborg. Areas in close to proximity to central stations are popular and are in high demand in the business sector. In the period between 2009 and 2016 around 20 000 square metres has been added – and there is more to come!

Another 40 000 square metres modern and high-profile offices are being built or is in the planning stage to be added within the coming 5 years. The largest project is Oceanhamnen – Waterfront Business District which will be built by 2020. These projects are all within 500 metres from Helsingborg Central Station in an excellent commuting location. Also in close proximity is Campus Helsingborg and the digital community that is located nearby.

In central Helsingborg there is more than 450 stores, 150 restaurants and 17 hotels. In the Central Business District in total there is around 500 businesses with more more than 15 000 jobs.

On the map:

1. Söderpunkten
2. Helsingborgs Lasarett
3. SeaU Helsingborg
4-5.  H+ och Oceanhamnen
6 a/b. Helsingborgs Centralstation
7. Kvarteret Polisen
8. Helsingborg Arena
9. Kvarteret Metropol
10. Landborgskopplingen
11. Nya Olympia