Presentation: Tourism

The tourism is very important for the city of Helsingborg. The turnover of hundreds of millions every year and is a great promotion. Both in Sweden and the rest of the world.
Last year, in 2015, increased tourism turnover in Helsingborg by seven percent compared to the year before. Simultaneously, a record number of overnight stays – more than 700 000. It gives the city a seventh place among the country’s 290 municipalities.

The tourism stands for 3.4 percent of the total production in Helsingborg. Last year, many was recruited in the tourism sector and the number of employees increased by 180 employees. In total, nearly 3,500 full-time employees are employed in the tourism industry in Helsingborg. Although the total number of guest nights is going up. Between 2014 and 2015 guest nights increased by 76,000 or 12 percent.


Helsingborg Horse Week, the second chance in the contest for folk music festival “Melodifestivalen” were some of the big draw that got the tourists to choose Helsingborg last year. 2015 was also the year when the Kattegattleden, a bike trail between Helsingborg and Gothenburg, inaugurated after many years of work.

More than 80 percent of the visitors come from Sweden, mainly from southern and western parts of the country. Of the countries outside Sweden most tourists comes from Germany, UK and Denmark. The typical tourist is slightly older, comes to town to see friends and family and stay an average of 3.3 nights.


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