Port of Helsingborg

The Container Specialist

The Port of Helsingborg is located in a booming part of the Nordic region and functions as a rail hub and as one for road freight on the E4 and E6. This is one of the factors that have made us one of Sweden’s most used ports. Over the last few years we have focused on container handling, and are now an important cog in the machinery of Sweden’s trade and industry, both nationally and regionally. We now handle around 280,000 TEU from shipping and around 170,000 TEU from land transports. However, these volumes can and will increase. For example, we see that with the right partners and customers we can make more extensive use of our combi terminal. Rail transport and environmental work are at the top of our agenda.

We have a unique location in the Öresund region. The straits are among the most trafficked in the world and we manage shipping from around the globe. A number of our customers are shipping companies with regular traffic to and from some of Europe’s biggest and most important port cities.

Our place on the map is also central as regards land transport. Even from inside the port, our combi terminal provides us with access to a rail network that reaches goods destinations and transport hubs throughout Sweden and Europe.  Equally convenient and efficient transport routes are available for road freight via the E4 and E6.

Important for Sweden

  • 80 % of container volumes come via Göteborg, Helsingborg and Gävle
  • The Port of Helsingborg is the second largest container port and the largest reefer port in Sweden
  • 90 % of all fruit and vegetables consumed in Sweden are imported via Helsingborg

The container specialist

  • Capacity for handling the Öresund region´s container volumes by itself
  • New central gate with an average 15 min turnaround for trucks
  • Handles 300 000 TEU/year
  • Plans to meet 20-30 years of expansion

The Facts

A port with a unique location

We are an important hub for shipping, rail and road freight. This is one reason why we are among Sweden’s most popular ports

Without ports, Sweden would stop

As much as 95 per cent of all Swedish imports and exports go via the ports. Clothes, food, tools, furniture, toys, computers, telephones and lots of other things you use every day.

A container specialist at your service

The Port of Helsingborg is Sweden’s second biggest container port. We have long focused on container handling and are an important cog in the machinery of Swedish trade and industry.

Trains straight to the port

There are seven regular trains to and from our combi terminal every day. We want to increase this number. Many people would benefit – our customers and their customers, and, last but not least, the environment.