When in Helsingborg…

Attractions a-plenty

Helsingborg offers plenty of activities and attractions year round, plus excellent shopping. Historical monuments as well as interesting museums, Sweden’s oldest shopping street and beautiful nature just around the corner. Check out our sister-site Visithelsingborg to find find out what to do while in town.

A foodie destination!

Helsingborg offers a lot of restaurants and bars. Do you prefer fine-dining, traditional Swedish dishes or maybe some simple pub food? Check out our sister-site Visithelsingborg to find your favourite spot.

24 delicious reasons – Whiteguide 2017

Visit one of our Whiteguide ranked restaurants and cafés in the Helsingborg region:

  • Restaurang Creo
  • Tokyo 15
  • Sofieros Slottsrestaurang
  • Pålsjö krog
  • Sillen & Makrillen
  • Gastro
  • Ristorante Bonasera
  • Château Forêt
  • Eki Sushi Japansk Restaurang
  • inom mat & bar
  • Höganäs Saluhall
  • Holy Smoke BBQ
  • Erikstorps Kungsgård
  • Restaurang Ella
  • Bistro Grodlår & Timjan
  • Bryggan
  • Bistron Torekov Hotell
  • Restaurang Sand
  • Rut på Skäret
  • Rusthållargården
  • Tunneberga Gästgifvaregård
  • Strand Hotell
  • Maritime Grand Hôtel i Mölle
  • Pumphuset