H+ is the largest urban renewal project in Helsingborg in modern times.
40 000 sqm premises in the best city location, direct connected to the regional commuting hub

H+ is at the heart of the city´s dualities, where so many elements, identities and characteristics of the city come together; the industrial and the residential, views of Helsingborg’s old town and views out across to Elsinore, communication hubs of high-speed networks and slow, contemplative harbour-side walks, history and heritage and the new generation on Campus. Reconfiguring the existing to create potential new properties, engaging in a process of change, of learning to love what was once unloved, discounted or disconnected.

During the period up to 2035, an old port and industrial area will be developed into a modern and sustainable area with space for new city residents, companies and meeting places. It is intended as a role model for sustainable urban development with a social, cultural and physical environment for people. The area will be developed into four new and unique districts.

ceanhamnen – the first district to be developed

Here, we wish to create an urban archipelago for people who  are looking for, and wish to create, new and exciting contexts. Oceanhamnen will be an attractive area with about 320 apartments and 30 000 square meters of business premises near the water and direct connected with the commuting hub, Helsingborg Central Station, where 45 000 commuters passes by every day. At the end of the pier, Helsingborg will get its own World Trade Center developed by Midroc. Wihlborgs extends Helsingborg Central Station (Knutpunkten) with 9 000 sqm  modern office premises which means you can go directly from your train up to your office!

A land allocation competition

In 2014, the city of Helsingborg invited the market to participate in a land allocation competition for developing the first district in Oceanhamnen.

Seven winning proposals have been selected:

  • Sundprojekt AB with White Arkitekter AB Malmö
  • Tage & Söner Förvaltnings AB with Liljewall Arkitekter AB
  • Midroc Property Development with Kamikaze Arkitekter
  • Riksbyggen with Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB
  • Magnolia Bostad with Link Arkitektur AB och Batteríið Architects Ltd
  • K-fastigheter och Balder with Kanozi Arkitekter AB
  • Serneke Projektstyrning with Arkitektlaget och Jais Arkitekter.

Blackwater & Food Waste Challenge – an innovation competition

The city of Helsingborg also arranged an innovation competition, Blackwater & Food Waste Challenge, to create future systems for the recycling of toilet water and food waste in Helsingborg’s new neighborhood Oceanhamnen. The challenges involved in the system have been divided into four competition categories: Users, Kitchen & Bathroom, Plant and Optimisation of Resources.

More information:

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