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A selection of our ongoing projects in Helsingborg



A selection of our planned projects

Oceanhamnen, phase two and three 

H+ is the largest urban renewal project in Helsingborg in modern times. During the period up to 2035, an old port and industrial area will be developed into a modern and sustainable area with space for new city residents, companies and meeting places. It is intended as a role model for sustainable urban development with a social, cultural and physical environment for people. The area will be developed into several new and unique districts.

The first of these districts is Oceanhamnen, stage 1. The next districts to be developed in the urban development project H + are districts 2 and 3. There are no local plans for the two upcoming districts yet, but the city of Helsingborg has plans for the area what will be in the range of about 5 years onwards. In the plans for the next stages of H+, the focus will be on the new city residents, new apartments, green areas, preschools and car parks. Oceanhamnen will become a creative neighborhood with lots of people in motion – inhabitants, students, professionals and tourists!

Creative meeting places 

Apart from housing construction, focus will be on creative meeting places where professionals from many different fields come together to create the unexpected and encourage innovation. Magasin 405 is a concrete example of a building that will be developed into an exciting new meeting place within the near future. The building has a unique location with close proximity to the University area, the digital accelerator Think Accelerate, the co-working place Mindpark and IKEA IT among other similar companies. More information will follow within short.


#Pixlapiren is a new and unique project in Helsingborg and is part of the H+ project. Over the next 8-10 years, the city lends out a large area of the Oslo pier to give you and other Helsingborg residents the opportunity to borrow one or more pixels to test and realize your ideas.

H + is the name of the visionary urban development project in Helsingborg. An old port and industrial area will be developed and make room for the four districts Oceanhamnen, University Campus, Husarområdet and Gåsebäck. These should be tied together with the center, the south and the surrounding districts.
In 2035, there should be 4000-5000 new homes in the H + area and office space, restaurants, services, retail and venues both inside and out. #Pixlapiren is one of several intriguing sub-projects in urban development.

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