Oceanhamnen Waterfront Business District

The first area to be developed in the H+ project will be Ocean Harbour, which will be transformed over the next 2-5 years into a vibrant and diverse new urban district. Ocean Harbour will be an attractive area with about 400 apartments, a preschool and a substantial area designated for business purposes covering  a total of 32 000 m2 – Oceanhamnen Waterfront Business District. A bridge will connect the pier directly to Helsingborg Central Station, which handles 63 000 commuters every day.

Ocean Harbour including Oceanhamnen Waterfront Business District will be developed into a modern and sustainable area with space for new city residents, companies and creative meeting places. At the end of the pier, Helsingborg will get its own waterfront business district with three office towers including a World Trade Center. This will provide multi-storey buildings for offices and services, as well as for companies dealing with e-commerce, logistics, IT and the like.

Helsingborg Central Station

In 2014-2016 an extension comprising about 10,000 m2 of modern office premises was added added to Knutpunkten (the public communication hub) in central Helsingborg.

About 500 to 600 new workplaces was constructed on top of the existing property. The architect firm Tengbom designed the new premises, which have fantastic views of the sound and the rooftops of Helsingborg.

Modern workplaces with a high environmental profile have been in focus to meet demand for office premises in central Helsingborg. Occupancies took place during 2016.

The extension was a complex project, since reinforcements had to extend through Knutpunkten. Planning was essential to avoid impacting the various types of traffic in the terminal building or disturbing the 63 000 people that visit Knutpunkten each day.