About Helsingborg

One of the fastest growing cities in Sweden and Greater Copenhagen

Helsingborg is a vibrant city in the south of Sweden and Copenhagen region. It is Sweden’s 8th largest municipality in terms of population, with nearly 140 000 inhabitants and around 165 nationalities. In 2035 we expect to have 176 000 people living here.

Helsingborg is home to around 14 000 companies. Our largest sectors are logistics, commerce and food and packaging. Helsingborg has become a center for digital commerce in the last years. The city has most e-commerce companies per capita and the Helsingborg region is home to some of the largest digital commerce companies in Scandinavia and Europe.

Helsingborg’s unique location with its proximity to Denmark and continental Europe has led to the region becoming a hub for transport and logistics. Sweden’s second largest containerport is located here. Helsingborg provides support and actively works with platforms for growth and digitalization. Some examples are Think Accelerate, Sweden’s first digital accelerator and also Sweden’s first and only e-commerce incubator, the E-commerce Park of Sweden.

This coastal commuting hub has excellent infrastructure, four airports within an hour and access to the largest labour market in Europe.

The greatest number of apartments in Sweden per 1000 residents is being built here.  We think new, create smart. H+, an urban renewal project in city location, by the sea has begun its transformation into an archipelago with exciting architecture and extremely high environmental profile offering excellent offices, creative meeting places and future homes.

The business climate is the best you can find for cities over 100 000 citizens and according to the latest survey, Helsingborg has a top ranking among the municipalities in Sweden.

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