Innovation and start-ups

Helsingborg is investing

Sustainable growth and development continues to be a joint effort by the business world in Helsingborg, the local council, the academic world and any other industry that in their own way prioritises dynamic and technical advancement. In Helsingborg there is a large number of different initiatives that support entrepreneurs, creators and students to strengthen and stimulate start-ups, growth and innovation. Helsingborg is curious and open to the world. The city for people who want something.

Strong development of new companies

Helsingborg has shown strong growth in start-ups over the last few years. In 2017, 1061 new companies were registered, compared to the 1032 that were registered in 2016. That means that close to 3 companies were registered every single day. With 11.9 new companies per 1000 inhabitants between the age of 16-64, Helsingborg ranks above the national average of 11 and is placed fourth among the country’s 15 largest local councils.


Helsingborg City has recently founded “The Innovation Hub”, Sweden’s first accelerator with a focus on the challenges of the municipality. It is an arena that accelerates the city’s innovation and digitalisation from concept to reality. The Innovation Hub is a creative meeting place for public and private agents that together want to develop public services for the population of the city. This is where the city’s minds can drive their ideas of concepts and innovation, together with residents and external parties alike.

Start-up scene

In Helsingborg there’s a vibrant and interesting start-up scene. Here you’ll find enthusiasts, accelerators and incubators that help entrepreneurs and business-minded people. One of these agents is THINK Accelerate, which has for several years offered a successful programme with a focus on the lean method for tech start-ups. This is a place where driven entrepreneurs get to develop their first prototypes, hone their commercial skills, and sharpen their competitive edge in order to attract customers as well as capital investment.

SoPact is an accelerator programme that supports social entrepreneurs by helping them to develop and spread their ideas for community improvement. Since its launch in 2016, SoPact has supported entrepreneurs who address societal challenges in Sweden and the rest of the world. This is a collaboration of Lund University’s School of Social Sciences at Campus Helsingborg, Helsingborg City and the Government Department of Growth/Tillväxtverket.

At E-commerce Park of Sweden, the first incubator directed at e-commerce start-ups in Sweden can be found. The incubator is aimed at people who work within e-commerce and who want strong and professional support for rapid growth. Boost HBG was launched in 2009 and supports regional development and innovation within trans-media, film and virtual-reality. Boost is a part of Helsingborg city with grants from Region Skåne.