Under constant development

There are lots of people looking to invest in Helsingborg and contribute to the development of the city. The following are examples of current development projects in the city’s central areas.


In Helsingborg’s most coastal district, you’ll be living on a peninsula in the sea, but still in the middle of town.  Oceanhamnen is the first step of the H+ project and will have a direct link to the central station by means of a pedestrian and cycle bridge. In the area several residential quarters are flourishing with around 400 new homes and a new business district that will provide around 30,000 square meters of space for commercial use. Among other things, Scandic will establish a new hotel that is expected to open in 2021. The hotel will be host to 180 rooms, conference facilities, a gym, a restaurant, a bar and a stunning sky-bar with an unmatched view of the Öresund and Denmark. The office spaces are expected to be open for use in 2020.

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SeaU Helsingborg

Helsingborg gets a new meeting place by the sea, at the site of the old steam ferry terminal, right in the middle of the city. An ultra-modern hotel and congressional facility with a capacity of 1200 people or alternatively 400 people and a banquet! There will be 250 hotel rooms, 20 conference rooms, 2 restaurants, a bar, a gym, a day spa, a pool and a parking garage. The hotel and congressional facility is estimated to be completed by 2020. In addition to this, 155 residences are being constructed across four buildings and are expected to be ready in 2019.

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SöDER is Helsingborg’s latest addition for shopping and entertainment, a thriving centre of around 12,000 square metres. There will also be a 65 metre-high residential building with 80 apartments, all possessing a sea view, along with a garage with the capacity to hold 300 cars. Read more on soderhbg.se


H+ is the largest urban renewal project in Helsingborg’s modern history. By 2035, one million square metres will give way to 5000 residential homes, office spaces, schools, commerce, restaurants and meeting places. The aim is to develop the new city district (Oceanhamnen), along with the existing areas in the University zone, the Husar-area and Gåsebäck. These areas are today comprised of everything from abandoned plots of land to neighbourhoods with a mosaic of buildings, businesses and people. The H+ area is in close proximity to public transport links, including both Helsingborg C and Ramlösa stations, which is a solid foundation for a sustainably developed area.

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Helsingborg’s hospital

Helsingborg’s hospital is undergoing a massive reconstruction that is due to be completed in 2025. The existing premises are being adapted to accompany new developments in technology and medicine. 45,000 square metres are being built to create an emergency hospital that is well prepared to meet the demands of the future

Helsingborg Law Court

The Law Court is being extended by 4000 square metres and at the same time, the existing
premises are being restructured. All aspects of construction are due for completion during 2019.

The Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbour could be developed with more trees, lowered wooden decks, piers, open spaces and sitting areas to become a more attractive and dynamic place. There are several existing suggestions that could create a more beautiful and safer place. One important question is, of course, how the harbour could be weather-proofed; and how it could protect the city from storms and rises in sea level. Today the water level rests two metres below the quayside; this drop needs to increase to at least three metres, which could be solved with terrace-like raising.