New areas and residential houses

Construction is underway like never before

For every day that passes, more and more people witness the quality of life that Helsingborg has to offer. We are expanding impressively; today there are around 145,000 people living in Helsingborg and we haven’t stopped growing yet!

In pace with the rapid sustainable population growth to a projected 177,000 residents by 2035, we are making room for the new citizens of Helsingborg.

Helsingborg is on a par with Sweden’s three largest cities regarding the commencement and completion of apartments per citizen. 2017 was another record-breaking year with 896 apartments completed, which means that 6.3 apartments were built per 1000 citizens. This is higher than the collective construction figures for the three largest cities in Sweden and can also be compared to the Skåne regional average of 150 completed apartments and the municipal national average of 119 apartments.

The long term goal is for Helsingborg to become the city with the best quality of life in Sweden. Right now, there are a hundred building projects under way in the city, both large and small. Existing areas such as Fredriksdal and Drottninghög are condensing and new areas such as Oceanhamnen are emerging.

Helsingborg will continue to grow in the future as well. The H+ project has a more distant horizon, where the harbour and industry will come together to make entirely new areas. The first stage of the project is Oceanhamnen and in 2035, the four city districts of Oceanhamnen, the university campus, the Husar-area and Gåsebäck will be linked with the city centre and the surrounding city zones. When all is done, there will be a host of new homes, offices and service areas, with many new green, comfortable spaces for residents to enjoy.

Helsingborg is growing

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