Strong sectors

Helsingborg’s business is world class

At Industry Park of Sweden, some of Sweden’s most energy efficient industries can be found, together with the finalists of the 2016 EU Sustainable Energy Awards. Sweden’s biggest suppliers of recycled energy are based right here. Industrial symbiosis is a circular business model, where the waste from one industry becomes a resource for another. A good and clever solution for the future, we think.

Helsingborg’s strong sectors


Helsingborg is one of Sweden’s best logistics locations. Some of Helsingborg’s largest employers are found within the logistics industry. Close to 450 companies employ around 5650 people and the number of employees has increased by 11 % over the last ten years. In 2016, the turnover for the logistics industry was 10 billion SEK in Helsingborg. With access to ports, three European road links and four international airports within a one hour travel time, Helsingborg is a competitive logistics hub. The port of Helsingborg is Sweden’s second largest container port and the largest import hub for fruit and vegetables in Sweden. The importance of the logistics industry on the region is also reflected in the education and research being conducted at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg. In addition to undergraduate courses within logistics service management, there are successful research projects that are the result of a combined effort by academia, business and Helsingborg City; an example of this would be ReLog.

Life Science

In Helsingborg there are over 100 companies operating within Life Sciences. In total, this industry employs around 1150 people across the combined sectors of bio-tech, life science and medical technology. The largest actor in this sector is Johnson & Johnson (McNeil), who manufacture products for Nicotine replacement therapy. Other agents within the industry include Occlutech, Camp Scandinavia and life science company PULS Invest.


Wholesale and retail trade is the single largest industry in Helsingborg, both in terms of the number of people employed within the industry, and turnover. 11,500, or 17 % of all employees, work within the commerce industry; an increase of almost 20 % since 2000. The commerce industry turned over 63 billion SEK in 2017, which equates to about half the total business turnover in Helsingborg. Both external shopping and city shopping have a positive effect on the development of Helsingborg. In the city, the success of this industry has paved the way for a strong expansion of new businesses. For out-of-town shopping, the Väla Centre can be found, a shopping centre that has won prizes for both Sweden’s happiest customers and the Nordics’ best shopping centre.


Digital trade / E-commerce

Helsingborg is Sweden’s most active e-commerce city. E-commerce accounts for a larger portion of the employed population than the average city in Skåne. The entire chain for e-commerce is represented within a small geographical area. Helsingborg is also home to the first e-commerce incubator, E-commerce Park of Sweden, together with, Sweden’s largest digital meeting place for e-commerce. The link to logistics, packaging and e-commerce research at Lund University (Campus Helsingborg) provides fantastic conditions and complements well the masters’ programme within Service Management Logistics. Helsingborg is also the only place in Sweden where you can find education in mobile commerce. There is a well-established network within digital commerce where companies, academia, students and Helsingborg City regularly come together to develop Helsingborg as the best location for this kind of business. Helsingborg is the obvious place to start and grow an e-commerce business and the committed people in this sector contribute to its uniqueness.

Environmental technology

Helsingborg works actively with questions of sustainability and runs the development of systems and products for future waste disposal management and recycling, water purification, geo-thermal energy and renewable energy.


An amazing night life, diverse shopping, interesting museums, a large array of culture, exciting activities for adults and youngsters alike, proximity to the sea, beautiful nature, luxurious relaxation and so much more. The tourism industry in Helsingborg breaks its own records every year and we are actively working towards making Helsingborg the most attractive place it can be for events and visitors from the whole world. International overnight visits increased by 18 % in 2017, with most international visitors coming from Denmark, the UK, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. The total amount of international overnight visits hit a record high that year along with visitor records for a number of local attractions. In total, around 3500 people are employed in the tourism industry in Helsingborg. The next large establishment will be the hotel and congressional establishment SeaU Helsingborg. The hotel will have 250 rooms and the congressional facilities will have a capacity of at least 1200 people. The facilities will even play host to a conference room, restaurants and a café. Nordic Choice Hotels will run the facility, which is set to open in 2020.

Number of commercial overnight stays