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claes_1Claes Malmberg
Section Director
Executive Management Office, Economic Development and Marketing
Ph: +46 732 31 57 62



Malin Wallett
Development & Investment Promotion
Executive Management Office, Economic Development and Marketing
Ph: +46 722 10 74 82


Business Helsingborg is Helsingborg City’s official organisation for corporate establishment. We are your support system, and our goal is to do everything we can to facilitate your establishment and make it as streamlined as possible. It goes without saying that our service is open to companies in every phase. Our work is confidential and free of charge.

Business Helsingborg works for growth and for more companies to choose Helsingborg as the place for their business. Through our services, you can acquire statistical and objective analysis of the business structure and corporate climate, everything you might need to create the best conditions for you and your company to thrive.

Our knowledge of regional development and current opportunities helps you find the best location for your business. Business Helsingborg is your springboard into the local market.

If you move with employees from other locations or from abroad, we can also help provide the practical details for as smooth a start as possible for your exciting new life in Helsingborg.

We look forward to being a part of your exploration and your opportunities in Helsingborg!

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